Ikann discovers in this Borneo adventure that the rainforest is now in harvest! 

Her friends Montom the Sunbear and Bata the Proboscis monkey takes Ikann to the Harvest Festival for journey of jungle culinary discovery .  

This new adventure finds Ikann flying into the ancient rainforests of Borneo.

Home to some of the world's most wonderful and endangered species of animals, Ikann befriends the Sunbear, the Pygmy Elephant, the Proboscis Monkeys and the Hornbill of Borneo. 

Here the inspiration of jungle landscapes and its intriguing inhabitants curates the colour palette and print inspirations for this collection.

Ikann invites you to come and explore the Himalayan Trails with her!

Journey with her as she flies across majestic mountains and valleys filled with breathtaking sceneries. Stunning fields of blue poppies, swirling clouds and mythical tigers form the inspiration for this adventure.



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