Story of Ikann

Meet Ikann, she is the brand mascot for Pagoda Kingdom and this is her story.

Deep in the tropical rainforest, next to Dragon Ridge Mountains, there was a beautiful lake. The lake was always lively, with the hustle and bustle of animals, insects and creatures that lived in and around the lake.
Here, in the waters, lived a little blue fish named Ikann.
Ikann looked like an ordinary fish with two big eyes, silvery blue scales and two large fins. But unlike the ordinary fishes in the lake, Ikann had an extraordinary dream!
She dreamt of flying with the birds to new lands, in search of exciting adventures, but knew that fishes cannot fly. Every day, she would peer up, beyond the mirrored water surface, towards the vast blue horizons above.
Dreaming. Wishing. Somehow, believing.

One sunny day, while Ikann was swimming near the rocky banks of the lake, she met a bird named Suloo, that had stopped by for a drink. Suloo was on his way back from his travels in the West Forests, to his home near the Himalayan Mountains.
Ikann told Suloo about her dreams of flying away from the lake.
She sighed, knowing it was impossible.
Suloo studied Ikann’s large fins carefully and told her to turn around, flip upside down and swim in a circle. Then he said to Ikann “You have fins...I have wings!!”
Excitedly, he went on “Why don’t you try flapping your fins as fast as you can!”
Ikann was surprised by the suggestion.
She had only ever used her fins for swimming, not flying!
Ikann flapped her fins, splashing the waters around her. After a while, she was tired and felt like giving up.

Suloo said to Ikann encouragingly, “Don’t give up! Keep trying!”
Feeling inspired, Ikann flapped with all her might.
Suddenly, she felt a burst of cold air as her body lifted up from the water.
Ikann was flying!!!
Suloo flew around Ikann shouting with joy,
“You are flying, little fish, you are flying!!”


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