About Us

Pagoda Kingdom is a small, independent kids clothing and lifestyle brand, owned by Swee Diong & Daniel Metcalfe.

Each collection features an adventure that draws its inspiration from the Eastern Kingdoms. All of our designs are carefully curated from exclusive hand-illustrated prints and design details that are inspired by the beauty and the richness of each land. From the Land of the Rising Sun, to the Pearl of the Orient, to the Spice Islands and beyond, our designs are always unique, fresh and exciting. We believe in producing garments that speak of comfort, quality and functionality.

Follow Ikann, our flying fish mascot, as she journeys across the kingdoms in search of new adventures.

Pagoda Kingdom believes in giving back and supporting causes close to our hearts by illustrating and highlighting the endangered animals in the Eastern Kingdoms. We hope that we can 'Save the planet one brush stroke at a time' through the sales of our products. In a fast paced world today, we would like to slow things down a little. We believe in slow fashion, and produce our designs in small quantities. Quality above quantity. We do not follow fashion trends or seasons, but instead create our own adventures. 

Pagoda Kingdom as a designer brand is currently a registered member of the Childrenswear Association of the United Kingdom. As a member, we are constantly advised and actively updated with information about how to make sure our designs and quality are compliant to the childrenswear standards internationally.


Swee Diong, is the creative force and co-founder behind the brand Pagoda Kingdom. 

Armed with a heart full of dreams, a mind fuelled with determination and unstinting hard work, she forges forward. She took her Bachelors degree in Fashion Design at Kingston University, and in her final year won the coveted Best Womenswear Design in the UK Student Graduate Awards. Giving up was never an option. On a personal achievement, Swee is currently a Third Dan Black Belt and part of the National Team in her country for the ancient martial art of Kendo. Pushing boundaries and barriers, never limiting herself to what others say, she has achieved all the goals that she has set herself.

The story of the brand mascot Ikann is very much a reflection of Swee's journey herself, as the story tells of how Ikann learnt to fly and transform from an ordinary fish into a magical flying adventurer. 'I CAN' is the message Swee very much wants to share with boys and girls around the world. To be able to think that they can do anything, propelling dreams or aspirations into a reality.

Pagoda Kingdom is Swee's maiden voyage into turning her dreams into reality. It is a brand about her passion to explore, experience and enjoy. The 3Es of life’s journey.

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