Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand


Twenty five years of being immersed in the fashion industry has led to the birth of Pagoda Kingdom. The brand is the creative baby of Swee, the designer and illustrator of the prints in the collections.

She draws from fashion archives the design elements, detailing and inspirations combined with a splash of her own creativity and vision to make each collection unique and fresh.

Her passion for art and fashion started when she was young. Hours of doodling on the pages of her books, led her eventually to attend Epsom School of Arts and Design and then onto Kingston University in England. It was after winning the Best Womenswear title at the coveted UK Fashion Graduate Awards that ignited her confidence to further press on in the fashion industry.

Pagoda Kingdom is her maiden voyage into turning her dreams into reality. It is a brand about her passion to explore, experience and enjoy. The 3Es of life’s journey.


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